Empowering Telecommunications with Advanced Digital Solutions

Acelucid is redefining telecommunications through innovative solutions that enhance connectivity, network performance, and customer engagement. We help telecom providers leverage the latest technologies, such as 5G, IoT, and cloud computing, to deliver superior services, manage increasing data traffic, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Tech Stack

  • 5G & Network Technologies (OpenStack, OpenDaylight) For deploying and managing 5G networks.
  • Big Data Analytics (Apache Kafka, Spark) For real-time data processing and customer analytics.
  • Cloud Computing (Google Cloud, AWS) For scalable infrastructure and services.



Apache Kafka



Google Cloud

Solutions and Impact

5G Network Deployment

We've assisted telecom companies in rolling out 5G networks, dramatically increasing internet speed and enabling new services like IoT and augmented reality.

Customer Experience Platforms

Our big data solutions analyze customer usage patterns to improve service offerings and personalize customer interactions.

Network Optimization Tools

We've developed tools that dynamically manage network resources, improving efficiency and reducing operational costs.

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