Driving Efficiency in Logistics and Transportation

In the logistics and transportation industry, efficiency and reliability are paramount. Acelucid's digital solutions address these needs by optimizing routes, managing fleets, and streamlining supply chains. Our technologies ensure that goods are transported faster, more reliably, and with full transparency, from origin to destination.

Logistics Software Development

We deliver top-notch bespoke software for logistics management that refines your logistic processes

Logistics and Transportation Management

Develop bespoke logistic software development solutions from simple apps to the full-featured platform—Automate challenging routine tasks with our highly scalable logistics solutions. Our skilled software developers will develop transportation systems tailored to your project's needs.

Fleet Management Software

Improve your fleet management solutions with Acelucid, the top logistics software development company. Our visionary tech stack enables you to track, monitor, and effectively manage the operations of your vehicles. We develop user-friendly, robust systems that are dependable and simple to integrate.

Warehouse Management Solutions

Create warehouse management products powered by the latest tech stack versions. Implementation of this assists companies in managing inventory more effectively. With our robust custom warehouse management software, gain complete control over your inventory.

Supply Chain Management Software

Streamline your end-to-end goods and services production flow with our Supply Chain Management Software. Our vast range of software solutions for logistics & supply chain management improves supply chain operations by managing the production, shipment, and delivery of goods from start to end.

Traffic Management Software

Build traffic management solutions with us to improve quality, safety, and efficiency for channel traffic. This platform aids in traffic management by utilizing tools for traffic modeling, recognition systems, traffic data fusion technologies, and other methods.

Auction and Smart Contracts

Automate and secure your logistics processes, including agreement terms, record keeping, fraud protection, payments, and cash flow. Buyers and suppliers can place bids on our software, enabling real-time price and volume negotiations.

Tech Stack

  • GPS and Geolocation (Google Maps API) For real-time tracking and route optimization.
  • Fleet Management Software (Java, Spring Boot) For vehicle maintenance and operational efficiency.
  • Data Analytics (Power BI, Tableau) For supply chain visibility and decision-making.

Google Map


Spring Boot

Power BI


Solutions and Impact

Route Optimization Software

We've developed solutions that calculate the most efficient routes, saving time and fuel costs.

Fleet Management Systems

Our systems help companies maintain their vehicles in optimal condition, reducing breakdowns and extending vehicle lifespan.

Supply Chain Visibility Tools

We've implemented analytics tools that provide end-to-end visibility of the supply chain, improving decision-making and customer satisfaction.

Development Process

Logistics Software Development Process


Planning & consulting


Research & Requirement Gathering


UI/UX Designing


Logistics Software & App Development


Quality Assurance












Logistics Software Development tailored to your needs

We have considered our business solutions to support you on every stage of your growth.

Frequently asked questions on Logistics Software Solutions

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Embracing digitalization can be a vital foundation for managing your large-scale logistics data. Strategic implementation of digitalization not only fosters sustained cost-effectiveness and enhanced profit margins, but also it propels your logistic operations into a streamlined and economically viable supply chain ecosystem.

Yes, logistics software can be integrated with other business systems, including enterprise resource planning systems, customer relationship management systems, and e-commerce platforms. This integration allows seamless data exchange and improves overall operational efficiency.

The duration for developing logistics software mainly depends on several factors, including the complexity of the project, required functionalities, size, and expertise of the development team. In parallel, the timeline aligns with the data, APIs, the technology stack leveraged, and the potential integration with the existing systems.

The cost of developing custom logistics software mainly depends on the project’s size, goals, and requirements. To develop it from scratch, you need the developers’ proper skill set and experience; you can do this by hiring a logistics software development company.

Yes, we at Acelucid, are the best logistics development company in India and the USA. Our exceptional team of seasoned experts can readily assist you with the best upgrade solution. Their expertise with the blend of the latest tech stacks brings a transformative business solution that propels your enterprise to newer excellence.

Maintenance and support processes for logistics software involve deploying the software, monitoring performance, user support, resolving reported issues, security patches, and improvements. It also includes bug fixing, software upgrades, a persistent enhancement to align the evolving logistics needs, and integrating user feedback.

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