Connecting the World Through IoT

Acelucid harnesses the power of the Internet of Things to connect devices and systems, transforming data into actionable insights. Our IoT solutions span various industries, including smart homes, industrial automation, and smart cities, facilitating real-time monitoring, enhanced efficiency, and predictive maintenance.

Tech Stack

  • IoT Platforms (AWS IoT, Azure IoT) For device management and data analysis.
  • Edge Computing (Raspberry Pi, Arduino) For local data processing and reduced latency.
  • Communication Protocols (MQTT, CoAP) For device connectivity and communication.


Azure IoT

Raspberry Pi




Solutions and Impact

Smart Home Solutions

Our smart home technologies offer convenience and energy efficiency, leading to cost savings and improved lifestyle for homeowners.

Industrial Automation

We've implemented IoT solutions in manufacturing, resulting in predictive maintenance, decreased downtime, and increased production efficiency.

Smart City Projects

Our projects in smart city development have enhanced urban living through intelligent traffic management systems and environmental monitoring.

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