Revolutionizing the Automotive Industry with Digital Solutions

The automotive sector is experiencing a paradigm shift towards connectivity, autonomy, and electrification. Acelucid Technologies drives this transformation with advanced digital solutions that enhance vehicle performance, safety, and user experience. Our offerings range from connected car platforms and autonomous driving systems to electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions and predictive maintenance.

Tech Stack

  • Machine Learning & AI (TensorFlow, PyTorch) For autonomous driving algorithms and predictive analytics.
  • IoT & Connectivity (MQTT, Automotive Grade Linux) For connected vehicle ecosystems.
  • Cloud Services (AWS, Azure IoT Hub) For data management and analytics of vehicle data.




Automotive Grade Linux


Azure IoT Hub

Solutions and Impact

Connected Car Platforms

We've developed platforms that enable real-time vehicle monitoring, remote control of car functions, and enhanced navigation, significantly improving the driving experience.

Autonomous Driving Systems

Our AI-driven solutions contribute to the development of self-driving technology, promising to increase road safety and transform urban mobility.

EV Charging Station Management

We offer solutions for managing EV charging stations, facilitating efficient energy use and supporting the growth of electric vehicles.

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