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Why Choose VueJS For Your Frontend Development ?

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VueJS Frontend Development

This post gives you an overview of VueJS which is becoming one of the popular javascript frameworks for building user interfaces over Angular or React. VueJS first version was launched in Feb 2014 by Evan, an ex-employee of Google. Vue has gained immense liking in the developer community it has now become very popular with almost 169k hits on github.

Below are some of the starter and useful resources to begin with:-

As Vue is basically built for frontend development, we look at some of the most important features which in turn are beneficial for adopting Vue as the framework in your project.

1. Virtual DOM: Increased efficiency and performance

Whenever a browser loads a page, there are objects generated by the browser which are part of HTML pages which have styles, elements and page contents which are rendered on the screen. DOM basically is a representation of these HTML pages which stores information as objects. Now, making changes to the whole DOM is complicated; instead a replica is created of the DOM, whenever changes are required, they are updated in these virtual javascript data structures which are compared with the original objects and then updated to the actual DOM.

This exercise is good for optimisation, which increases the overall efficiency in turn providing faster performance. Performance is one of the key factors for determining the framework choice.

2. Data Binding

One of the valuable benefits of Vue in DOM assignment is the two-way data binding which is basically inherited from Angular. Data binding feature helps assign or manipulate value between model data updates and the view i.e. UI, with binding directive called v-bind making it easier to update related components and track data updates.

3. Components

In Vue.js, every web page is a component, which represents encapsulated elements of your interface. This helps in creation of custom elements, which can be reused across the system for similar system elements, additionally, these components are stored in separate files(each component is a single file) makes the code easier to read along with helping in better unit testing.

4. Lightweight, Integration capabilities and flexibility

VueJS is a very lightweight application with fast performance overall. Important point to understand for emerging frameworks is the ability to integrate with already built applications and for Vue as it only relies on JavaScript which makes it easier to integrate and upgrade from other frameworks. VueJS flexibility also comes from the fact that it is a close mix of Angular and React both. 

5. Easy to learn and brief documentation

Reported widely in the developer community, adoption of Vue is easier as it mainly focuses on good knowledge in basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript. To reach high adoption among the developers already versed in Angular, React and other popular JavaScript frameworks, Vue has done a good job with its knowledge library and good documentation.

6. Community support

Any platform to be successful, it needs to have a great developer community for constant support. Vue has a great community member network and hugely popular with its activities over Stack Overflow.

Our team has extensive work experience working in Angular and React JavaScript Framework on various projects along with Vue. Considering the increase in demand for Vue, we have consciously decided to adopt Vue in our upcoming edutech platform over React or Angular after reviewing extensively and also, for some of the popular reasons mentioned above. We look forward to sharing our upcoming hands-on experience of working with Vue in coming months for a SaaS based application.

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